Twin Shadow

April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

If the whole universe sleeps, I sit content
If the whole universe awakens, I sit content
I'll be long gone.............
If you ever want to see me again look,
Under your boot soles; you will see the grass
Ever binding and immortal
Maybe you will wonder what it really is
It will grow over, the soulless body will reek
My palm encloses the continents,
My perpetual journey begins,
Transcending boundaries, breaking all strings one by one;
If you see me wrecked, have faith
'cause I've forgotten what it is to be faithful
Have hope 'cause I've forgotten to be hopeful,
I've infinite shadows and I'm nothing
But a vessel, flawless like God's own creation
The whole world sees the smooth porcelain;
But you will see the cracks................

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