April 12, 2018

People are hushed, abused, or blinded;

positivity and fake enthusiasm, everyone so "avid."

What if someone wants to cry,

but fears it will destroy them?


Paitiently waiting for a reason to get out of bed...


Wanting to melt or spill out your true feelings.

They depend on you to stay stable,

a leg to support ALL but your OWN insecurities

I want to cry with them all

Instead I spill my insides out-





I am the valliant Soldier.

the primed Explorer.

the Over-acheiver

above all, the Liar






When I'm upset, it's me alone in my own insecurities in the mirror angry and saying

"Not good enough"


"You deserve nothing"



And, somehow, before I can deny the blade, I am drowning in my own darkness and insecurities. But it is fine, because tommorrow I can easily conceal it with a fraud, thin-lipped grin. The cycle continues ..everyonebutyou..

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