April 12, 2018
By IndigoK BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
IndigoK BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
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Her name is You. She was four when it began. To creep up inside of her. And speak. An ice-cream or a dollar. To the homeless man outside. You chose the mint-chocolate chip, with rainbow sprinkles. And gave the man. A smile. In school You hated. The projects done in groups. And would take control. And ignore the others, trying to pitch in. A 56 on the project. But You blamed the others. For not helping out. She is the person talking. During the climax of the movie. Yelling at crying babies. On the plane. Kicking the spilled food under the fridge. You talks about Jennifer when she leaves the room. To get snacks. Browses the library. And puts books. Where they aren’t meant to be. She shops for secret Santa at the dollar store, and sticks her gum under the desk. You spilled tea. Over Alexandra’s watercolour. That scored a 97. It creeped up inside of her. And now it is You.

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