April 12, 2018
By loadingmind BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
loadingmind BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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When I think of you,

I think of the freckles that dot your cheeks.

They’re like stars across the galaxy.

When I see you,

Butterflies escape the cavern of my stomach, tickling my sides.

It’s like I’m up in the clouds. 

When I hear you,

I want to play your smooth laughter on loop.

I want your tender words to comfort the silence.

When I touch you,

It’s like the world pauses to let me take a breath.

Slowly, I’m back in reality.

When I smell you,

I swear its like I’m surrounded by fresh flowers.

I would frolic in that field if I could.

Who knew I could love a human so much.

My senses are out of whack,

You beautiful specimen.

The author's comments:

I feel like I'm crushing way to hard. Thought I'd get it all out and gush hard core. 

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