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I'm Out

April 12, 2018
By loadingmind BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
loadingmind BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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I've left my boxed prison.

My coffin is now barren.

The dusted satin will hold my body no longer.

The world is not what I thought though.

I was expecting the sunshine kissing tenderly on my face.

Instead it's midnight black all around.

I was expecting people to greet me with open eyes and rosy cheeks.

Instead they're all groaning with the wrinkles showing.

I was expecting birds singing the classic tunes.

Instead the birds are dead and the wind is howling.

Granted, it’s a world, but I set my expectations too high.

I cry for help when I get the strengthen

But to my displeasure,

it’s drowned out by the pain. 

I wish I was in my coffin.

The author's comments:

The world is never what you expect, huh? This piece is one of my favorites. This poem was inspired by my passing of my best friend. That day I was expecting to have a fine moring after being depressed so long. As the news came to me though, everything felt more shattered than before. 

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