April 11, 2018
By j.d.n BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
j.d.n BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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In biology, I learned about the universe swarming inside of me
I learned about stem cells,
Trillions of the smallest organisms,
Dedicating their lives,
Working vociferously
to keep me alive.
I learned of their abilities to differentiate,
Their abilities to mimic the broken, and make them new
I learned of their daughter cells
The potential they have to be whatever they wish to be
These minuscule forces,
in 7 years time
Will be gone.
I will be baptized through their divine destruction.
I will no longer quake at the sight of broken bottles
My nostrils will not burn with the scent of lemongrass
I will be left with only the faintest indentions of what was
The composition of my being will be anew
I will have a body that will have never been touched

The author's comments:

I just began to talk about my abuse, and I felt that writing about it would emancipate me in a way. It was a reassurance of the healing to come. 

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