Fall into Light

April 27, 2018
By Billie12 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
Billie12 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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When there is no light,
We feel light giving up.
When there is no light,
We hide and run away.

As we lay in the Dark abyss
Of struggle and pain
We begin to feel the need to
Fall into the negative
Forces of emotion.
We fall into space—darkened
By the blackness of the
empty space and endlessness

but what do we see when we look around?
stars. Planets. Light. Opportunity.
And though we may feel like
We are falling through space and time
To escape from the madness of
Reality, we look around
At the blues, magentas, and milky white vastness
Of stars who have never given up

Some shine brighter than the rest.

So, what are we in this time of darkness?
We are the dull star that hasn’t given up.
We are the dull star who is still growing to be bright.
We are the dull star who is contributing to
The darkness to make the darkness light

We are the bright star.

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