April 27, 2018

You were my world, And suddenly I was in the darkest parts of space because you were gone, but that didn’t stop me from naming stars after you.
The days turned to months and I stopped counting stars because if unnamed, one day they could be someone else and you wouldn’t take up so much room in my mind.
But drinking from moon rocks with sides of nebulas wasn’t ever enough to erase you from the remnants of a once bright galaxy.
It got easier, the more travelers came around and suddenly I wasn’t thinking of you so often.
I fell in love with a boy who adored space so much that the vast unknown and limitless thing itself wasn’t big enough to fill his head.
Never did he ask me what I adored. It was simply what he sought out to be the most beautiful of things which never included me.
One day as I was burning brighter than the sun in our solar system, you decided space was a childish thing and suddenly wasn’t for you. My star, me, the brightest thing I know you’ve ever seen, collapsed in on itself and suddenly it was dark again and I was once more naming stars after someone who didn’t want to explore the unknown universe.

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