Poem's On Adventure Lane

April 26, 2018
By Anonymous

Giulia and Me

Her eyes are yellow bright
She is very light
With a beautiful tiny smile
And a lot of style
She crawls close to me
And clings to me like a little flee
Mumbling to herself wondering who
Might this be but she already knows
That soon we would be
The newest key
To the best family tree
So we stay still and study themselves
Wondering to ourselves
What are we doing here
Just standing there
We should be playing
Something else
But first let me say hi my name is….



The New World

For the first time
I have seen a lime
I have seen a shiny dime
And a scary mime
We leave the house with lots of thrill
Outside it's a little chill
So maybe I'll put on my coat
We go on top of a boat
It is yellow, green, blue, and pink
With it comes a little drink
Full of warm soft milk
My mom says it's called buttermilk
But I don't care I just saw a fish
Ooh how much I wish
I could have  a purple fish
We get off the boat and ride
All the way home with lots of pride
When we get home everyone is happy
But it's time for a nappy.


The Mechanic Bird

I look outside I see a bird
But I not sure because I’m seeing a third
The bird is very big
With metallic  wings
Its looks like it's made for a king
It has lots of little clear rings
Inside there are lots of weird things
We go inside and sit down
Next to a guy with a frown
Someone speaks who i can't see
Ending with a squeal of glee
Then I hear a roar
We slowly start to soar
Down below is a crowd
And then I see the clouds
It looks like snow
Soft, fluffy and a happy glow
Then I hear
My mother say
“This is called an airplane”




We arrive at a hotel
There is a delicious smell
I go to the table
With a strange label
Before I can eat anything
I hear a loud ding
Sitting on top of a pillow
I can look outside the window
And see pink and brown trees
With little bumble bees
When I go outside I sneeze
And ask for a tissue please
On the floor is a log
With a green slimy frog
And soft fog
Where are we
Or were could we possibly be
I ask myself many times
But it's time to go inside the german hotel


The Sweet Treat

There's a colorful store
With a cone, what’s that for
A lady says “pick something”
It looks disgusting
I might has well try
Or I'll never know why
The whole world likes this place
Their acting like it's a race
So I'll try coconut
A little spoon is enough
I close my little eyes
Ready to scream and cry
The taste is sweet
Soft and very, very sweet
What is this delicious treat
I want more to eat
Until my tummies full
I will eat spoonfuls
The sign says “Ice cream”
Whatever that means



Time For School

I'm all dressed up
I don't know for what
With a little dress
That's making a lot of mess
7:00 a.m why so early
I’m starting to worry
Am i in trouble
I start to mumble
Then there is a strange smell
What is it I can't tell
So I go down the stair
While tieing my long hair
My dads making pancakes
How long was he awake
What's the occasion
Although he has a good persuasion
So i take a chance and ask
He says he's on a task
To get me to school on time


What’s School

We get in the car
And drive so long and far
We stop at a building
With a lot of yelling children
My dad talks to a lady
There are lots of surprises lately
There are letters on the walls
With a playing station with dolls
I sit at a table
With my name on label
The lady speaks to me
She says I'm a little bee
We learn the numbers
and all the colors
When finish all tasks
The teacher asks
If I enjoyed this class
And if I'll come back to school



A Special Trip

We are going to skip
So we can go on a trip
To a special place
As far as space
They say it's very far
So we won't be going in a car
But we'll take a plane
But it's kind of a pain
To be going so far away
When I can't even play
The places name is america
And it's just an experiment
As we land
I can see my big aunt
With a muffin in one hand
With a strange brand
The land is new
But i give it a chance or two



Going to Maine

We're going to Maine
On a shiny blue train
It might not be the best day
Because the sky is gray
The air is full of snow
So my dad tells me to throw
To my mom a snowball
But it is very small
And I miss
So I have a very big fit
We enter a very big house
You could hear an eating mouse
The door all open
A thing runs away in a moment
It looks like a log
No it's a bright brown dog
With them my great grandma
She looks like my mommy
She gives us a doll
That are very small
Then we go to the table
eat as much as we are able
With lobster in our hands


Living in Kuwait

My dad got a new job
With a friend named Bob
The place is near the sea
They drink lots of tea
And don't have many trees
They eat a fruit called dates
Which my sister hates
There is a lot of dirt
Because it used to be a dessert
The have a lot of storms
Sand is how they form
The ocean is really warm
It's out of the norm
There are lots of  buildings
Must be a good for living
Everyone looks the same
It must be some kind of game
They must like to play
They all are wearing black or gray
They people are rich
But you never know which
So I ask what the name
And they say it's called kuwait

The Leaning Tower

I'm going with my friend Lisa
To a place called Pisa
I've never been to Italy
It'll look differently
I really can't wait
To see this different state
There are many flowers
And a weird leaning tower
It's leaning on one side
So has we all go inside
I see ten white and black chairs
And a lot of stairs
As we climb to the top
There is a sudden  stop
So we all have a frown
But when we all look down
It feels like I about to drown
We are so far up
Everyone looks like a cup
So we decide to go back down
To see the pretty brown town
As we walk by
I read a sign
“ The La Torre Di Pisa”


The Cities of Italy

We bought a big house
Near a little lighthouse
My mom says timidly
That we’re going to live in Italy
Nobody could talk
Because we were all shocked
It was only for a year
At least our family is near
As we took our baggage
I thought well I know the language
So it isn't that different
And I shouldn't be so desperate
But what about the school
They wouldn't be so cruel
I didn't know how to read
I was mad with my greed
It shouldn't let me think
I say as I drink
Such horrible things
But at least I get to live in Italy
And that isn't that bad
So I should be glad
That I live in such a beautiful place

New Person

My mom comes through the door
She was gone a day or more
She is holding something
To which she is humming
It's very small
Like a doll
It has light skin
I can see it's chin
As I stand
I touch it's hand
It’s hands is very soft
And it has been washed
On the small chair
I can see it’s blonde hair
With dark brown eyes
Soon it starts to cry
It looks at the clouds
It is really loud
It stands very still
With a lot of thrill
It is very lazy
For a tiny baby


The Cruise Ship

Another family trip
We are going on a ship
All the ships are twigs
Because this one is very big
There are 2 balloons
In all the many rooms
There is a blue slide
Very very wide
And another one
That looks like so much fun
As we are talking
I see little dolphins
And a huge whale
Which weighs off the scale
There is a big club
Called the club of the cubs
They take care of kids
Of all age
While the parents go
Watch a grown up show
After we are fed
We all head to our bed
And think what a wonderful cruise ship


Camping Trip

We’re getting kicked out of the house
Acting like we’re a mouse
We have some rags
Ooh…. wait their bags
Eating chips
Has we make the trip
We arrive in a forest
I’m disappointed to be honest
We put up a tent
And light  a lamp
We make a fire
Inside a million  wires
The fire is toasty
So we start to get cozy
My stomach growls
It’s hunger i feel
So we eat a delicious meal
Then we make s’mores
You get to make yours
I’m starting to get a chill
So we turn off the grill
And climb in the tent
Ready for bed

Santa Claus

The house is decorated
And we have waited
For someone very special
But it’s getting kind of stressful
They say he is very big
And wears a white wig
He has a a red hat
And he doesn't like to chat
And has a white beard
Which I think is weird
He carries around a bag
Which looks like a rag
But inside there are presents
And lots of cents
Which makes sense  
He comes down the chimney
Ever so quickly
And drinks all the milk
It must be buttermilk
Eats all the cookies
And then give you all the goodies
But i'll never see him
If i always fall asleep


Windsurfing Lessons

I just won a contest
So I’m going to be a guest
At a windsurfing camp
The place is a little damp
They give me a blue board
And a white cord
They give me a big sail
I’ll probably fail
We head for the water
And we all see an otter
We learn how to balance
It’s a real challenge
I try to lift the sail
I’m has fast has a snail
I  start to catch some wind
So I start to lose my mind
This is so much fun
I’m really sad when it’s done
But i’ll be back next year
And I might learn how to steer



We are going to a theme park
Til it gets dark
I see lots of princesses
Recognized in instances
My mom holds a map
With one gap
We visit Peter Pan
Then we make a plan
My favorite was snow white
Because I like the light
We eat at a food court
In the shape of a fort
While we stood
I thought”the food was good”
I liked cinderella
She’s like my friend Ella
The fireworks come out
So everyone shouts
But we have to go home
But…..we will return



Living in Florida

We are going to Florida
To visit my aunt Monica
There is a storm
But it’s still warm
There is an ocean
So we put on a lot of lotion
The sky is blue
So we go to the zoo
We eat an ice cream
It’s like a dream
With so much steam
We spot an alligator
What i call traitor
Then we see a manatee
Wait there’s three
Soon we all have to leave
In a big heave
Thinking I really like this place



Cocoa Beach

We’re moving to a place
It’s named Cocoa Beach
I think it has a beach
The sun is really warm
Hoping there won't be a storm
We buy a house
And put on our blouse
Cause we’re going to a party
With some guys in the army
Making some friends
Hoping it never ends
We go to a school
Which is pretty cool
Except for the work
That’s being a jerk
Meeting new friends
By asking for pens
When we get out of school
I walk to the swimming pool
Thinking I like this place


The End

I hope you liked this book
Ask your friends to take a look
I’m trying to rhyme
It’s like being a mime
It’s not that easy
But don't feel queasy
It might not be grand
So ask for a hand
Just get in the zone
And you can make your own
If you dislike it
Don't throw a fit
Not everyone enjoys
Thing with poise
This is the end
I have other things to tend
If there is an issue
I might continue
So see around!!!!!!!!

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