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pretty boy, the world doesn't like actors

April 26, 2018
By delilah02 SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
delilah02 SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
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pretty boy, get off the stage

the show is over

it's been done and played

take off that mask and be yourself

and stop trying to be like everybody else

nobody is waiting for ancore

so why are you?

step out of character and be the you we all desire

why are you refusing?

because the stage is comfortable?

well, pretty boy, the world is not a stage

the world is streets and aisles where the acting doesn't count

nobobdy wants to be around a facade

people want genuine emotions and reactions

and the character you chose is not you


so pretty boy it's time

take off the costume

and step into your own shoes

don't let how you think you need to be seen

decide how you act

go with your instinct

and pretty boy, just be you

The author's comments:

society has been imprinting on us our entire lives that we need to look and act a certain way. so people put on masks so to speak. this is for the ones who think acting is the only way to live.

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