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April 25, 2018
By Saige_Cooke BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Saige_Cooke BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
some women fear the fire. some women simply become it.
sometimes you have to a beauty and a beast

said sorry about a 

hundred times already 

and nothing has changed 

can't take back what 

you said words 

hurt like a knife in 

your heart your soul piercing 

it crushing into a million pieces 

treat me like trash and 

throw me to the lion and 

let me rot, to die but I 

escaped  and left I would 

throw you to the lions but 

I wouldn't and you want me 

back I say no you get on 

your knees, begging to take you

back close the door on your face

the scars and the bruises are 

still there swollen a reminder 

of the pain you caused 

no more excuses 

I'm done being hurt

The author's comments:

What really inspired me was that I wrote this late at night with shows the dark theme of love. Also, I wanted to expand my types of poems I write about and since I don't write a lot of love poems I decided to write the opposite of love which was in the middle of my comfort zone in poetry. 

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