Or Are You Just Going To Watch?

April 25, 2018
By PippinHotKangaroo BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
PippinHotKangaroo BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Society likes to claim that all people are the same
Except the people making these claims
Are rich and have half a brain.

They look down at the poor
The minorities
The people who finally express themselves
And they decide, this panel of rich white straight men,
That these people are undeserving.
Of rights
Of happiness.

They accuse these people of problems they didn’t cause
They claim these people are the criminals of society
When it is in fact the judge who’s biased
The elderly woman yelling at the young couple
The men making women feel unsafe

The rich people hate these others that aren’t them
Telling them that they need to change
Telling them that they are why society is falling and crumbling all around us.
But the rich people don’t try to help these people
They look on them with scorn and blame them for the problems
While the rich men pass laws that fix nothing and break everything.
They watch the death happening with sad and angry hearts
And curse the victims and not themselves

The people not in any group have choices to make.
Are you on the side of the rich men, blaming their failings on others,
Or are you on the side of the minorities and the victims?
Are you going to shout for change with empty promises and half made plans
Are you going to shout for change and fight with the victims?
Or are you just going to watch?

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Started as a school assignment

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