Tall Boy

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Wow your tall
Wow your observant
Wow How’s the weather up there
About the same as down there
Wow Do you play basketball
About as much as you
Wow What did your parents feed you
Miracle grow
Wow You make me feel short
You are short

These phrases sound like my alarm
I hear them daily
I’m annoyed each time I hear them
There is one way to stop alarms
You have to answer to turn them off
My answers are sarcastic
Not because i am mad
Because i am tired of answering them
How important is it to comment
What if i said wow you’re human
Pretty observant huh
Ask me how tall i am
I will tell you
I am 6’5”
Ask me what's it like to be tall
I will gladly tell you

I don’t fit in planes
Please don’t lean your seat back
I try and sleep on planes
The trip seems to go faster

In Cars i prefer to sit shotgun
So if Im not
Take it easy on the bumps
I don’t have much clearance

I fit under standard doorways
Most doorways have a range of height
Six and a half to seven feet
Why do i know
I pay for it if I don’t
I shop for tall clothing
Not big and semi tall clothing
You don’t have to be big to be tall
Most stores don’t know the difference

Aren’t those answers better

The author's comments:

this is my daily life

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