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My Dad

April 26, 2018
By Zhubs BRONZE, Windsor, Colorado
Zhubs BRONZE, Windsor, Colorado
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My hands were cold and I was young
My dad yelled my name
As I scampered through the grass,  ball in my hand while playing the game
He gave me the keys to become the best
And to become the most successful that I could be

He was like a big monster stomping over bones
Racing towards me hands by his side
I twisted to the left and to the right
And raced towards the rocks before throwing the ball on the ground
I yelled “touchdown” and turned around

He was the tallest man on Earth
Throwing his hands in the air
Gesturing me towards him like an angel
He tossed me up through the dark night
Before coming down and giving me a hug

Later we would play some B-ball
He would throw the ball soaring in the air as if it had wings
The ball soring in the night would come through the hoop with a woosh
He taught me tons and I thanked him for the work he put in
To teach me how to win

The author's comments:

As I pondered over what I might say for our schools anuel poem submition. I thought of my inspiring dad, who has helped me through most of everything. 

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