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April 26, 2018
By Billie12 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
Billie12 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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i am in a meadow

full of colors radiating from the sun

in a luminescent, golden glow. 

green grass surrounds me as it blows 

in the wind.

flowers dancing as i sing along 

to their glorious hymn.

the air fills my body with peace

and calm.

i close my eyes and take in the beauty of 

this world.

deep breath in, deep breath out.


i open my eyes to a horrifying view.

my world of peace

has transformed into a wolrd of hurt.

blacks, whites, and greys have saturated my soul

to only show me the pain and suffering.

grey clouds of smoke hovered

over my meadow which has turned 

to concrete and cityscape.

the flowers have turned to angry pedestrians 

who have a dissonant hymn of clashing views. 

the air i breath in so deeply chokes me 

and fills my lungs with the thick, black, pollution


i cant help but sit there.

eyes closed, mind trapped, body restrained 


what happened to my meadow?

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