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I Found My...

April 26, 2018
By Poetray BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
Poetray BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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I found my heart
Lying in the ashes
Of its home you set alight
I found it beaten and broken down
Almost not ready to fight another round

I found my soul
Amidst the words you spoke to me
“I’ll change”, “I won’t do it again”
These words pummeled me
I found my soul about to die

I found my curiosity
Placed in your phone
Checking when I’m not looking
Making me wonder
I found my curiosity in the love you sent to another that wasn’t me

I found my dreams
Crashing on the couch
Taking the backseat
You were the driver
To my insanity

I found my consciousness
Kicking into overdrive
Telling me to stay away
But I just can’t
Forgot those late night talks

I found my memory
Investigating those words you said
The hushed I love you’s to someone on the phone
Beckoning me to find something that didn’t add up
But, I couldn’t just not love you

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