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April 24, 2018
By booklion17 PLATINUM, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
booklion17 PLATINUM, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

“No. I can survive well enough on my own— if given the proper reading material.”
― Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

I love you.
I love your face
I love the freckle above the corner of your lip
And the little scar below it.
I love how your hair curls in perfect ringlets
I love how your eyes remind me of a summer sunset over the water

I love your body
I love your shoulders and your arms
I love how soft and gentle your hands feel
Even though I know how strong they really are
I love how you have birthmarks just like I do
I love the beautiful little lightning bolts that match mine

I love your voice
I love the smooth even tones and calming reassurance
I love when you sing me to sleep
With Frank Sinatra or Brendon Urie, you can do both
I love the way you say my name
I love how your laughter reminds me of a child catching lightning bugs

I love your heart
I love your consistent and undeterrable optimism
I love your perseverance through every struggle
You’ve never given up on anything that truly mattered
I love your selfless nature and pure intentions
I love the way you love me.

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