Him and I

April 24, 2018
By Jackson_Houk BRONZE, Columbia City, Indiana
Jackson_Houk BRONZE, Columbia City, Indiana
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You tell me it was my fault
When it was really yours
You say you'll be the first
But you won't
I will
You think the pain you caused
It was nothing
It wasn't
You say you treated me like an angel
You didn't
And now you wonder why I'm leaving
I'm never coming back
You did me wrong
Now no one is to blame
Except you
You caused it all
But say I did
Now you have to deal with karma
You get to watch me jump
You get to watch the gun go
It wasn't my fault
It was yours
It was because of
Because of him

The author's comments:

I made this piece because my boyfriend was really causing issues for me, and I wanted to express how I feel. Since then he has changed

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