breathe it in

April 25, 2018

i see the periwinkle as i tilt up my head
i see the cream colored puffs
i see the bright green organic shapes

i see the brown lumpy cushion as i look around me
i see the rushing blue
i see the scratchy greyish brown stalk

i smell the freshness around me
i smell the charcoal from two houses down
i smell the wind from the lake

i feel the tickle of the wind on my neck
i feel the heat of the sun beating down on my bare shoulders
i feel the smile slowly creep its way onto my lips

i feel the breeze trick my fingers into dancing
i feel the ache in my legs as i walk further into the summer
i feel the squint in my eyes as i look up to greet the sun with a gaze

this is what it feels like
to be free
to be happy
this is summer
this is me.

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