Gun Reform

April 25, 2018
By AhmBelgh00 BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Virginia
AhmBelgh00 BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Virginia
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While the news are sweeping the nation
Over the countless lives lost
To an utter abomination
Without considering mankind’s overall cost

Countless innocent lives ended too soon
Children never seeing their parents again
Husbands never seeing their wives
Mothers never seeing their sons

Where the government puts individual liberties
Over the common good
Only in this great nation we call the U S of A
Do we see money overarching the irreplaceable value of life

The cries of many are there but never actually heard
For they are completely ignored and tossed to the curb
We ask ourselves who will aid the ones affected
Because we receive no solace from the ones we elected

From Kentucky to California
Alabama to Orlando
To Parkland Florida
Where will the line of realization be drawn

Where will the elected serve the electors
Create a movement for gun control
Spark a reform that could save the lives of many
And dissociate the politician’s sole interest from a mere penny

To a cause that is bigger than any individual in power
And scour the citizen’s blood from the American soil
And pioneer a way for legislative toil
So America can blossom like a delicate flower

Florida was the first to take action against this atrocity
Attempting to take the reins of this monstrosity
For their subliminal action cannot be seen as generosity
As they have left big ordeals out of their bill to preserve their comradery

So now I come to you as a citizen
Dreading to go on the internet or even turn on the television
For the chance of another mass shooting to be envisioned
So please, now is the time to make a decision

The author's comments:

In the wake of a plethora of shootings and mass killings in America today, now is the time to make change and push reform.

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