I am unique

April 24, 2018
By NockviaLus BRONZE, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
NockviaLus BRONZE, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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I am one in a billion, new and bold unlike any other
yet different in the same way,
I wonder how many people are able to claim uniqueness,
like the patterns of a snowflake; different up close,
but which form a blanket of uniformity on the dirt,
I hear the sound of these snowflakes congeal upon
the ground, drowning each other out before they melt away,
I see how we all aspire to ensure a legacy for ourselves,
but in our ambition we forget what matters the most,
I am different in the same way.

I feel that I am different, that I know better than some,
but I know that this feeling is the worst one,
completely biased and somewhat awesome
in its power to corrupt,
I worry that knowledge of morality will be constrained to few,
and I hope that we can overcome our similar yet unique differences
to ensure that our societal battle is won.
I am different in the same way.

I understand the futility of being unique like a granule of sand
buried deep within the beach,
I say things none have ever said before but which have been spoken
time and time again, while I try to make sense of it all,
I promise myself to be unique like nobody else, and to respect people’s’
differences; what juxtaposition when we’re all different in the same way,
I want to be remembered for uniting the world through our similarly
unique differences strengthened by moral justifications, for
I am different in the same way.

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