What If...

April 23, 2018
By Poetray BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
Poetray BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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What if people could know what others thought of them;
Would they change for others approval?
Would they talk to those who thought negative of them?
Or express themselves and be who they are no matter what others would think?

What if everyone was able to draw anything they wanted;
Would we all try to become an artiste?
Would everyone be more creative and express themselves?
Or would people not value the arts anymore?

What if no one was carefree;
What emotion would we portray then?
Would we be so fed up with the world that we’re about to explode?
Or would we be so downcast that we just sob all day because we are powerless?

What if everyone showed their true emotions;
Would people stay around long enough to ask us why we felt that way?
Would we try to cheer each other up?
Or would we stay away from the negative emotions?

What if people knew each other's problems;
Would anyone even care?
Would we comfort everyone no matter what the problem was?
Or we would we discard those with “smaller” problems?

What if people told each other their dreams;
Would we try to make other’s dreams come true?
Would we only focus on the dreams we found important?
Or try to help everyone even if their dreams seem impossible?

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because, of the thought of how people would react to knowing others thoughts and how that would affect our life.

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