A Mute Teacher

April 23, 2018
By Baileyclewis BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Baileyclewis BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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a tree with an aging heart
giving shade to all beneath
producing fruit for all near
a stable place for the weak

its wisdom hidden within its roots
just waiting for you to engage
ask a question, take a seat
time is a precious thing

a tree is a nurturer
a selfless listener with years to offer
but in order to accept their gift
one must set aside all pride

The author's comments:

Although considered a mute teacher, trees have much to offer. Their steadfast presence, wisdom, and shelter nutures all who lean on them. Through this poem, I aim to honor trees, representing people in society, who embody these characteristics. Ironically enough, many people reject these gifts of wisdom due to the pride in their hearts, and I hope the poem sparks self reflection within individuals to humbly accept the wisdom, critisicm, and advice of othes.

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