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The concept of beauty

April 23, 2018
By mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
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When were young we are taught that beauty is pain.

Which teaches us that we must change pieces of our body and make them beautiful for the rest of the world to enjoy.

By age 9, you notice that you are the tallest one in your class and that used to make you proud but then your friend on the playground told you , you may never find a boyfriend because society says a man should be taller.

Age 10, you notice the bridge or tiny hairs that connects your two eyebrows like little caterpillars, you hear the word “uninbrow” and you start to pluck and wax and do everything you can to never hear that word again.

At age 11, you hear the word “fat” and that is when you start to really go crazy because pretty girls, don’t eat breakfast.

By age 12, you start to notice that every girl at school has silky smooth legs and yours look like the wooded forest, you shave and you cry in the shower wondering how many people noticed before you did.

Age 13, it feels like every surface of your face is starting to become covered in acne, so you pour countless products on your face that only burn and make it worse, but that’s what they say, beauty is pain.

At age 14, your peers start to judge you for the pigment of your skin. If your white people wish you were tanner, but if you are black they claim you would look better white. This leads to young girls everywhere bleaching their skin and frying their bodies all to achieve the unachievable goal of being.

By the time you are 15 your mind is in full turmoil with your own body, too tall, unibrow, fat, hairy, pizza face, too black or too white! The culture of our society has taught me that “beauty is pain” when it should have been teaching me that beauty is me.

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