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"Think Wide Open"

April 23, 2018
By chowder4235 BRONZE, NEWARK, Delaware
chowder4235 BRONZE, NEWARK, Delaware
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Out of all of the complex organs in the human body, the brain is the only organ that has named itself.
Kind of crazy to think about, right?
The human brain is an amazing little invention, capable of so many different wonderful and terrible things.
Our brains are what ultimately carry out all of the functions we perform in order to live.
Our brains are what make each and every one of us who we are.
But who are we, really?
Wandering beings, misguided ghosts trying to find a place in the universe, hungry for purpose and meaning.
We are people.
Conscious, moving, living, breathing humans.
But this is not all that we are, of course.
There is a broad spectrum of characteristics that make us human, and one of them is the overwhelming desire to be understood by others.
We long to be respected, and we want our voices to be heard.
No one asks to be silenced or oppressed, no one asks to be misunderstood.
But misunderstandings aren’t only skin deep.
Misunderstandings can be born from ignorance looming aimlessly in the mind, thoughts planted into the consciousness at a young age.
Words travel far and are constantly twisted and turned, sometimes worn out from overuse or fired angrily from the mouth with remarkable energy.
A pen becomes a dagger in mere seconds if one allows it to, words become projectiles, thoughts and intentions are left shattered in the aftermath of a misunderstanding, fallen victim to a closed mind.
This is an ongoing issue in our world, and it has been since the beginning of time.
But, like many problems, there is a solution:
Thinking wide open.
Allowing the almighty brain to bend to the whim of knowledge and truth.
When you take even a moment to just open your mind and your heart, you may find possibilities that you have never thought were possible, allowing you to see new perspectives, entirely new worlds!
What was once dark is now blinding light, warm and inviting, and you wonder why you ever spent a day in the shade.
You bask in the glow of true understanding.
You look around,
And you find that maybe the world isn’t so small after all.

The author's comments:

A poem about the importance of thought, and how opening your mind to new ideas helps you to grow as a person and connect with the world around you.

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