Fakely Them

April 22, 2018
By sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Ignored once again

That's it I'm done, this has to end

No more lies from fake friends 

No more trust ever again


For awhile they act like they care

Then ignore me like I'm not even there

Push away the hurt, push away the pain

Don't let them win at this game


They treat ,e as though I am paper

Use me and then throw me away

Never treated like I beloned

An outsider at every turn


I was a fool to think that they truly cared

Who would care about something so broken

And that can not be repaired

This is the end of the line, there will be no next time

Do you really want me to die?

No more lies from Fakely them

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