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I'm not alright

April 22, 2018
By sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
sassysaltyperson SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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I want to say goodbye to this cruel world 

Just leave it all behind 

Fake a smile, tell a lie

Nobody knows whats on the inside


"You seem sad" they say push to denial

It's ok it's alright

If that was true i'd sleep at night

Cant you see this cruel world is killing me?

No i suppose not I isolate myself with every thought


People don't understand what it's like 

Living a life in fright

Worthless and ignored 

I don't eat anymore


Silent screams take over my nights

Wish one day i'll be alright

I trust no one, I've lost my faith

Wanting to make an escape


Run away no one will love you as you are

Make sure they don't see your scars

Turn a new leaf over and start again

But it's always the same in the end


No more fight left inside 

Want a way out

Nobody cares 

Never even a second choice 

I'm so done with this life

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