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Hiding from trust

April 21, 2018
By OliviaS01 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
OliviaS01 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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You say “trust”
Like it holds no weight
Like it’s floating
Instead of sinking
Weighing down the air
It frightens me
Lingering in the corner
Creeping up on me
The letters
When strung together
Pull on my arm
Making me wince in pain
Closing my eyes
Not wanting to
See what is
Or isn’t there
Is a tensness
In my whole body
A searing pain
When forced upon me
Is what I hide from
But is always
Outrunning me
Always catching up
To find me
We are at constant battle
It keps me shaking
Because trust frightens me
Which is why
I still wonder
Why I trust you

The author's comments:

Trust is something that I am nervous about which is displayed in this poem. Although often overlooked, trust is an important and dangerous thing at the same time. This poem gives insight into how the mid tries to grasp the concept of trust.

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