You and only you

April 20, 2018

You say hi when no one else will

You don't leave like everyone else

You give me hope when others turn their backs

It was you who dug me out of the dark, who gave me my life back


You are the light to my darkest nights

Who gave me love when all i felt was fright

I trust you with all my heart 

Please don't make me regret it


You are the one who saved me from bad thoughts

Like a flahlight you light the path

To get me back on track

You listen without judging, that makes me feel safe


Even a little smile makes my day

And it's even in your own little way

You turned my world from black and white to color

And give me Joy like no other


You, it was you who was there

To make me feel better

I cant help but smile when you are around

You have turned my world upside down 

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