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why are city lights so much prettier than small town stars to me

April 19, 2018
By delilah02 SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
delilah02 SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
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I've never been one to have the desire to always live in a small town

to know the story of everyone

and to have the map of the town tattooed to my palm

I've always liked the idea of unknowing

to not always know what's two streets away

to not kow everyone in the city

and I've always enjoyed the beauty of it all

in a small town you will run out of views and sights eventually

but in a city, they are infinite

when it's constantly changing you can everything newly

new lights, new faces, new buildings, new streets

change to some can be intimidating

but change to me is something of beauty

and to prefer that over similarity is not wrong of me


I've always had the urge to live somehwere bigger than me

something larger than life I suppose

and it's the night that has shown me this

once the streetlights turned on and we roamed the streets

I fell in love

small towns only had starts and similar roads

the citied held more to me

Was it wrong to fall in love with streetlights?

The author's comments:

I was staying in the closest city to me one night and at 2am in my hotel room I was staring out the window and realized how I have a desire for change. Maybe someone else is longing for something new as well. Possibly someone else has fallen in love with the streetlights too.

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on Apr. 27 2018 at 4:06 pm
karisuna PLATINUM, Pinellas Park, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all." -The Emperor, Mulan

"Let go of anger, let go of pride, when you are bound by nothing, you go beyond sorrow." -Buddha

Beautiful writing!

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