World of Obedience

April 19, 2018
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We live in a world of obedience
Blindly following sounds others make
All our lives we are trained
To do as we are told
We say we believe in freedom, independence.
So why do we conform?
Obedience is said to be important, to be smart
But how can we progress
If all we do is what was done before?
Even as we fight back against the world
We are controlled by it
Like robots, simple-minded machines
We walk talk say and do things
That other people did before
What happened to original
What happened to the individual
What happened to thinking outside the box
Why are we like this and when will it stop?
Our world is corrupted and becoming more so
Every day that we sit and wait
For an opportunity to come in the form of a command
This world of obedience will never change
Unless someone fights back
But then they will take control
And it starts all over once again
We live in a world of obedience
We’re like robots, unoriginal
The only way to break the cycle of this
Is to stop
And think
Outside the box
And then
We obey


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