Big Brother

April 19, 2018
By HayleeEdwards BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
HayleeEdwards BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
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My Brother
I get it,
You're eighteen now,
But do you remember those days where we would just hang out,
Oh wait! There was none,
See, everyday we were so focused on how annoying each other were,
Not knowing one day you were going to decide to walk out,
Yeah, you come and visit, once in awhile,
Or text me… NEVER,

Oh yes, I get it,
All those weekends I ask to hang out,
But your friends came first,
Or your car needed those new breaks, or some seats,
You’re eighteen now,
You have a job and you are “focused” in school,
But wouldn’t it be nice to go back to those days where we would ride our bikes together,

Sure, I get it,
We moved to a place with not a lot of room,
But did you have to walk out like that,
Or whatever you may call it,
Were you the one who had to sit and watch the tears that ran down mom’s face,
Wishing it had been a dream, or some kind of mistake,
Yea, we moved in a tight space,
But you really don’t think you were the only one who was uncomfortable, right?

I absolutely don’t get it,
We have been there for you since day one,
All those basketball practices and those rainy football games,
We were right there in the stands,
When you were injured,
We were there helping you back up,
And don’t get me started about your birthday,
Yea, you may not of asked me to spend my money on you,
Or stay up till 12 to tell you how I felt,
But because I love you, I did,
I waited all day on my birthday for a text, a call, ANYTHING from you,
At 12 o'clock that night, still nothing, 

I miss you,
Yeah, we both annoyed each other,
And we both argued about everything,
But since the day you left it hasn’t been the same,
Yes, I love you,
And I always will

The author's comments:

My big brother was always my closest sibling out of four of them, but he just up and left. Instead of crying about it all the time I decided to rhyme and write about it.

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