And it was All my Fault

April 19, 2018
By Jakeyboy'sExperience BRONZE, NewRockford, North Dakota
Jakeyboy'sExperience BRONZE, NewRockford, North Dakota
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I was standing at the corner by the coffee shop,
When my dear friend decided to stop.
There was something beyond her smile,
the air between us smelled vile ,
And it was easy to tell we both were fake.

She spoke, “Friend of mine,
don’t take what I say with such contempt.
The words I say are simply signs,
signs of the comfort that I’ve come to accept.
And even though my words have caused tears to be shed,
I will not apologize for what I’ve said.”

As the final word escaped her lips,
A shudder went down my back and hips.
I spoke to her like no one before,
And before she could tell me to stop
I tore out my friend’s heart at the corner by the coffee shop.

When the dirty deed was done,
And I turned to face the sun,
I noticed a similar silhouette standing in the light
A heavenly glow pervaded the street.
It was another friend with a heart so sweet.
When she saw in my hand the heart that I tore,
She collapsed, and I had lost the friend that I had feelings for.

The author's comments:

A personal piece about losing friends. 

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