April 19, 2018
By deanna.brooks BRONZE, Roselle, New Jersey
deanna.brooks BRONZE, Roselle, New Jersey
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What is beauty?
Is it the standard of utter perfection?
Is it the perfect body of a model
Or is it the unblemished face
Piled high with the makeup?

Beauty shouldn’t be something defined by society.
Rather it should be something we make for ourselves.
We should love our bodies
For we are all unique and beautiful in our very own way

We should love our imperfections,
And not let anyone tell us that our bodies are not beautiful.
Our curves, stretch marks, and blemishes
Even our “not-so-perfect” body type
Is a reason to rejoice in the fact that we are distinctly beautiful in our own skin

Beauty should not have to be approved by society.
Our beauty is on account of our own favor...
It should be the fire within us to show everyone
That we ARE sexy, beautiful, and unique.

Your beauty is not to be defined by anyone else,
For it is ours to withhold and cherish forever.

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