Diary of a broken heart

April 19, 2018
By rmichalak321 BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
rmichalak321 BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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The things you do to women
You tore me down mentally and emotionally
And you never let me do things socially
I put myself through hell waiting for change
But to you that was an outrage
Then you go date one of my friends
I guess we’ll see how this ends
I feel as if you’ll do the same to her
These just seem to be the methods you prefer
And because of you I can't trust men
Because the things you do to women

The effects of manipulation
You did something strange to my head
You made me wish I was dead
You told me no one else could ever love me the ‘love’ you had shouldn't have come to be
Because of the control you knew you had
You treated me like s*** and said “my bad”
You left me with trust issues and anxiety
And now i’ve lost my place in society
You left me with so much frustration
But these are just the effects of manipulation

The friends that chose you
I lost a lot of friends when you left
It sucks and sort of feels like theft
People I've known since 5th grade
Stabbed me in the back with a switchblade
you convinced them I'm the bad guy
But you treated me wrong, go ahead and deny
If they can't see that they must be blind too
For thoughs are the friends that chose you


I haven’t slept since we split
I’ve dug myself into a pit
My grades have never been worse you see
I did so much better when it was you and me
I hope you can forgive me soon
Because my love for you is to the moon
One for shot for you and me
If it’s not right we’ll let it be
We could be stuck together like glue
But this is all up to you.

The author's comments:

its my poetry diary of high school love and the pain that comes with it. althoigh its mostly about one guy there are aspects that relate to more than one. 

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