The Season Fall

April 19, 2018
By Anonymous

The time when the trees change their leaves
And as we change into sleeves
The time when pumpkin patch signs hang street by street
The children getting ready to Trick or Treat
Fall is my favorite season
And I can give you reasons

You see
Fall is when the candles light up your living room
The scent of apple pie or cinnamon fill your house at night
Fall is the trend setter for this years new style of boots
Fall gives you an excuse to dress comfy and warm everyday
Or to say you're actually cold and people can feel the same way
Fall is the friendly season
Fall brings the out fuzzy blankets and the decorative socks
The season where you can start roast s'mores by a fire
The coziness brings love and warmth all around
Fall is Fall .. Don't you love it ?

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