April 19, 2018

My lonely heart has been scarred,
By blows of generations little apart,
The cuts have chiselled out a stony part,
Which now has become my only heart.

My soul to ashes has been burnt,
For the sins I’ve committed and to spurn,
Love could’ve healed and I could’ve learnt,
But paths of life always turn.

I chose the path filled with hate,
And now I feel it’s far too late,
I say goodbye, then my dear mate,
I bed no one to try with me-relate.

Well then goodbye my dea friend,
I believe that this-is the end,
My path shall always to hell-bend,
Some paths and parts of memories to you I send.

Goodbye then-I say goodbye,
Hell is waiting for me.
Now I’m not going to cry.
For now I’ve said goodbye.

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