April 19, 2018
By MarleneVargas BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
MarleneVargas BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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it happens at night.
the loneliness creeps in. it wants to take control of my body and lead me back into the darkness. it whispers things into my ear, and makes me tremble. the loneliness makes me want someone to hold me, and tell me everything is okay. it makes me want someone to call my own. it makes me lonely.
it makes me envy those who have someone who cares for them. i want something like that. something like what my parents have. true and real love, not the lovey dovey crap they show you on tv. the real thing, the fights, and the stubbornness. the laughs and the cries. i want the heartache of missing someone even when they’re only gone for a day. i want to wake up and know that someone is thinking about me, the way I’m thinking of them. but most of all i want someone to love me for who i am. until then my loneliness is my companion. it haunts me every time the lights turn down.
it happens at night.

The author's comments:

one night I was at home alone just feeling lonely so I decided to write about it.

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