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Father And Son

April 18, 2018
By ToriBird SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
ToriBird SILVER, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be."

You left us to become your own
But you’re still ruled under the crown
We left you to be free of chains
And yet you still hold power over town


We ship you food and tea by boat
But still all day it’s us you mock
We can do without your bitter tea
It looks so much better in the dock


Yes, we give you lots of tax and acts
We have lots of debt to pay for wars
It’s your unnecessary fight
It’s our money that does your chores


You’re our colony and nothing else
You’ll never be ready to stand on your own
Let us decide that for ourselves
You haven’t noticed but we are already grown


You’ve fought and tussled but now it’s over
For you are no match against the crown
You shouldn’t put us so low on the list
‘Cause we will undoubtedly take you down


On this summer day we start the fight
The fight to be free and have rights
Cheer for us all dear patriots
The war to be free has begun tonight

The author's comments:

The struggle between a young America and an old Kingdom.

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