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Until your heart has been flipped upside down

April 18, 2018
By mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
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What a boy can do to a girls mind will leave them,
Trying to untangle the criss crossed signals,
We’re left exhausted,
Trying to over analyze every little word that spills out of your mouths like lava,
We’re left mesmerized.
Mesmerized by every inch and every curve of you, we want you.
A tall guy blonde haired babe with bright blue eyes can certainly do a lot of damage.
I have seen too many of my friends hearts torn apart by countless boys that don’t even bother to learn their middle names.

Boys claim that girls are so complicated but really we all just want to be loved.
We want the boys in our lives to care about us.

Instead these boys are flipping the hearts of these girls upside down.
They stare at their phone for hours waiting for that one “hey” text.
These boys are criss crossing our feelings,
Just tell her you love her,
Hold her. Hold her and don’t you ever let go because in your arms is the place she feels safest.
We really don’t ask for much. 

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