April 18, 2018
What I regret most is that you've seen me at my most
unguarded moments

Half-asleep at midnight
Sheets wrapped around me
And hair soflty spread on my pillow
Pulse as steady as my breathing

All my walls down so you could wrap your arms around my waist without me flinching
These were the moment before I was awake,
These were the moments were I gave my self to you

You didn't deserve these moments

You didn't deserve my fingers running through your hair as I stirred you awake
You didn't deserve my kisses like butterfly wings on your skin
You didn't deserve my sweet voice as I told you I love you

You didn't deserve
my softness,
my kindness,
my light.
All these things,
All these ruined things

You didn't deserve them cause
You lied.

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