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the constant pressure

April 18, 2018
By mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
mthibault12 SILVER, Stratham, New Hampshire
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We’re all tired of the pressures of our lives.
I’m tired of using countless products in my hair to “control” my curls because it makes my peers uncomfortable,
I’m tired of getting acne and pouring expensive products on it which burn my skin.
I’m tired of getting bad grades, even when I’m working so hard.

I’m tired of fighting with my dad.
I’m tired of my friends assuming that my home life is fine when really it’s not.
I’m tired of the screaming.
I’m so tired

I’m tired because I’m in 3 honors classes with fiercely competitive kids who always get all A’s,
I’m tired because I’  playing 2 sports and I don’t have time to start my homework until late at night when I’m already tired.
I don’t have time to do anything with friends, I don’t even have time to be writing this poem right now.
Clean your room, play with your sister, go to church, spend time with family, do community service, play sports, get all A’s, talk to me, get a job, don’t be stressed you will get acne, don’t eat so much it’s almost bikini season.
“But make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep”

I am so tired.
I’m tired of constantly trying to keep myself up to everyone else's standards,
When really I just want to live my life.

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