trailing wors

April 18, 2018

slient words trailing off

wanting to be heard ,

mistaken for a hum I am not heard 

I am alone 

wont you hear me that is all i plead 

all I ask 

all I need 

to be loved , to be heard 

that is all i need 

wanted to be heard I cry 

the stress of this is too much, I want to die

no I should 

I wish I could 

all this is too much 

I wish, I wish, Iwish,

I have a feeling this will not end well 

my eyes turn red and my ankles begin to swell 

my heart aches and I am scared 

my hands shake I am unprepared 

for the things i feared would happen 

my body stiffens and my world begins to blacken 

I wish you could come and save me but you are selfesh 

start the call but dont plead .

I feared the worst 

i wanted to die so prepare for the hearse 

they wont accept the screams so be quiet  

mind what you say for every  time you cry then begins a riot

this life is unpleasent so please leave me this instant .

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