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Quiet chaos

April 16, 2018
By Wiltingflower BRONZE, Arlington Hts , Illinois
Wiltingflower BRONZE, Arlington Hts , Illinois
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The heavy wooden door in the back of the class creaked open
Her gentle face peeked through the slight crack,
Silence breaks out as she attempts to take a step into the classroom fighting the urge to sprint in the other direction,
Heads turn towards the door,
What seemed like 200 eyes locked with hers freezing her in place,
Her fragile shoulders scrunch up meeting her neck as her back gives in,
She slowly looks up from her natural cocoon 
Her big hazel eyes carefully assessing the blue tile begin to follow upward,
Turning towards the parade of eyes eating her alive
Wrapping her delicate hands around the strings of her tattered grey hoodie,
Pulling ever so slightly trying to create more protection.
Her pale skin quickly began to resemble a tomato as she made her way toward the corner seat secluded in the back,
Her pink sketchers dragging against the tile for what seemed like an eternity,
Her watered eyes found her graffiti covered rickety seat miles away from the next one,
Trying not to draw any more attention to herself she positioned herself to smoothly make contact with the chair,
Once she hunkers down, the gazes coming from around the dimly lit room begin to disperse,
A breath finally escapes her mouth as she now allows her self to settle into the environment.

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