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Beautiful Darkness

April 16, 2018
By morganphillippi BRONZE, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
morganphillippi BRONZE, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
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If I told you I loved you would that be enough?
If I said I cared would that earn your trust?
If the world was blind who would see,
That everyone’s different from what they concede.

Happiness, joy, everything’s great,
Is that what you see in her smile so fake?

Behind closed doors in darkness of snow,
Her soul hides there with no place to go.
Pain, fear, anger and hate,
With nothing left to do but rely on fate.

But you can’t tell, no you can’t see.
Just a small little smile looking back at me.
The words “I’m fine” still haunt me today,
When nothing can ever go your way.

If the world was blind
For no smile you’d see.
What would this mean?
What could this be?

Happiness, sadness, good and bad
Optimist, pessimist.
Has she gone mad?
Her soul so lost she cannot see a thing.
If she was blind what would she see?

She’d see a light shining from within,
A spark of hope shadowing in.
For she’d be so blind no darkness would show
And all around the world her light shall glow.

Searching for something she’ll never find,
Something intangible, it has no time.
For we are all blind, no we cannot see
A smile is more than what you concede.

For a smile is not a look on your face,
No it is something far more great.
A smile is a feeling you get from within,
An optimist mindset entering in.

So remember your worth it,
For we are all blind.
A smile intangible, something you cannot hide.
You don’t have to see it but know from inside,
We are all just lost in things we cannot find.
So take my hand and close your eyes,
With you by my side it will all be alright. 

The author's comments:

Even in our judgemental wold, there is always hope. Sometimes you just have to look through the darkness to find it. 

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