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For my people

April 16, 2018
By UK_NAT8 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
UK_NAT8 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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For my people

For my people who are sick and tired of waiting for test results and making/going to appointments
For my people who understand being a test subject for a medical condition that is rare and can not be explained and families sign their kids up for being a test subject for their condition so the doctors and families have more answers
For my people who are bored of being asked the same questions over and over again and getting blood draws a decent amount of time they go to the doctors
For kids that are used to being pulled out of school or not going to school for a while and have to go throw a lot of X-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans
For my people who have at least two or more doctors they see or keep switching doctors
For my people who welcome medical students to look at them as well as the doctors because they will be very interested in us and will learn lots of new things
For my people who understand the frustration of trying new medication or changing the dose and having to deal with annoying side effects like more frequently mood swings, feeling tired, feeling emotionally high or sad, aggression, being sick, headaches or the medication doesn’t work.
For my people who either had to move or fly to a different place to find the right doctors to help them
For my people who have gone to the top specialists in the world for their condition and have to stay in a hotel or a hospital like hotel
For kids that play on play structures at the hospital waiting for appointments or something
For my people who had to have a skin sample taken because they have different skin pigments
For my people who have to go through many operations to help their conditions
For my people who are used to getting IVs and wandering around the hospital with them because you're bored  For my people who are very used to/comfortable with full body examinations at any age with doctors and medical students watching.

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