What if a man could turn off the sun

April 16, 2018
By JackBrockhagen BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
JackBrockhagen BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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What if a man could turn off the sun?
Would life be more than fun?
Would the children come out and play?
Would we live to see another day?


Will the preachers still preach?
Will the teachers still teach?
Would we care what comes tomorrow?
If all we can feel is such sorrow


If a man could switch of the sun?
Would life be…….done?

So if you love hanging out with your friends
You should consider looking through a different lens
You should hope life is more than fun
So that man doesn’t turn off the sun

The author's comments:

When I wrote this article I was really thinking about how to write a poem with universal meanings. Meaning that you (the reader) can make this poem what ever you want to be, you could take it religiously, you could think its about a loved one who has passed on. I really hope you enjoyed reading this poem as much as I did 

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