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April 16, 2018
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If the sun has ears,
I would shout “How mighty is he to warm windy evenings!”
If the oceans have ears,
I would shout “Dear Giants! how you teem luscious life!”
If the earth has ears,
I would shout “My indomitable shelter! How you make us secure!”
If the universe has ears,
I would shout “Great colossus! May we unshroud the curiosities you bring!”
If the skies have ears,
I would shout “Top friend! I am grateful for the bluest treasure most expensive!”
If the grasses have ears,
I would shout “Green  road! Oh such treasure of nature! May you sustain the mirth of globe!”
If the foods have ears,
I would shout “Delicious nutrient-bringer, oh how you nourish my feeble stature!”
If winds have ears.
I would shout “Oh how you cool the Earth, my skin, and bring energy to the most desolate!”
Such things I could shout on this generous life!
Where here teems the boisterous creations of nature,
From lands to seas; from skies to mantles of undergrounds,
The nature is a generous being.

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