The Truth

April 4, 2018
By XMysteryxWriterX BRONZE, Harker Heights, Texas
XMysteryxWriterX BRONZE, Harker Heights, Texas
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"Throw me to the wolves, and I'll return leading the pack."

They say that broken bones hurt more than a broken heart
That the fragments of bones is worse than the fragments of one's heart
But what they don't know
Is that you can mend a bone back together
And you can't restore a broken heart
Cuts and bruises will eventually go away. They can be hidden.

Emotional scars never go away
They always linger
People always say that kids need to get over it
To forget about it
To move on

But what they don't know
Is how much they're hurting
How many times they've cried in their rooms
While trying to piece their broken heart back together

You can't tell me that mere injuries hurt more than a broken heart
Cause if you truly knew what it meant for your heart to be broken
Then you'd understand

For one boy
It all started in 6th grade
First time overseas
As a young child he had friends
People loved him
But then he began to know what it felt like

The names they called him
The things they said
None of that can go away
And even though he has a loving boyfriend
He can't see past the things that happened
The things that constantly make him feel like
Maybe he's not worth it

But even though people call him names
Bully him
Treat him as if he isn't human like them
He still lives on with scars on his wrists
Scars in his heart
The depression and anxiety that have taken over
He lives because he knows that if he doesn't
Then that tells the rest
That they won
And he lost

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