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Welcome to Society

April 3, 2018
By lesliek0522 BRONZE, Surrey, Columbia
lesliek0522 BRONZE, Surrey, Columbia
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Welcome to society,
Where everyone will test your honesty,
Will judge you on what you wear,
And what you look like in every affair.
What music you listen to,
And who your friends are, old and new.
Where every decision you take
Is no longer yours to make.
You can fall in love with anyone,
Only when choosing, we have fun.

How you act,
You'll be whispered at
On every trait and imperfection.
You failed, you see, your mandatory fashion inspection.
You were behind, you see, way behind every fashion trends.
In the blink of an eye, you'll have no real friends.
But don't you worry.
We’ll choose your new friends here, just a flurry.
If your traits and values are distinct and you’re hurt,
You'll be nothing less than a fish stranded in a desert.
At most and at least, our wilds are very arid
You'll suffocate here under all this horrid.
Above all, you’ll be made fun of for being who you are today,
But please, please, enjoy your stay.

We can change all this, and you know that we can
We can all act as one, like a mighty strong clan,
Fight for each other,
And stop hating our brother.
We can strive for our best; the more and the better.
You know we can when we do this together.
Stop thinking of ourselves,
Because we’re greedy little elves.
Start thinking beyond and of others too,
Because world is centered on not just you.

The author's comments:

Through this poem, I want every teen on the planet to get the message as what our society has become. It is getting more and more negative everyday, every second, and we need to bring awareness to it. This poem is about society, social problems that we should not be having right now, and it is about self esteem and it has the message that everybody is equal, no matter what. I wrote this about my feelings, what I think of our society right now from a teenage girl point of view. I truly think our society has gotten this bad, and it needs to change right at this second.

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